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Table # 4 Erin Christiansen
Chief Meteorologist at CBS12
Why I’m Cirrus About Weather

Erin is a two-time Emmy Award-winning
broadcast meteorologist who has earned the
Certified Broadcast Meteorology Seal of
Approval from the AMS. Hear Erin discuss what
makes South Florida a fascinating area for
tracking weather, how she determines the most
accurate forecasts each day, and why she’s not
about the storm hype.

Table # 14 Les Standiford
Author & Historian
Palm Beach – The Next Xanadu?

Les is a historian and award-winning author
of 22 books and ten novels including the John
Deal mystery series, and is the Founding
Director of the Creative Writing program at
FIU. Join Les for a sneak peek discussion
about his upcoming book to be published in
the Fall of 2019: Palm Beach, Mar-a-Lago &
the Rise of America’s Xanadu.

Table # 3 Sheri Castle
Professional Food Writer
Food & Memory

Sheri has authored several cookbooks, is a
Contributing Editor for Southern Living, and
writes regularly for a number of magazines. She
is known for melding storytelling, humor and
culinary expertise. Hear why food stories make
the best stories and why she is known to have
one of the best palates in the food industry.

Table # 9 Corinne Lasmézas, DVM, PhD
Scripps Research Professor
Neuroscience Research & Developments

Dr. Lasmézas is an expert in the field of
neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s,
Parkinson’s, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS),
and prion diseases. Learn more about her role in
“mad cow disease,” and her current research
that focuses on identifying key players in the
pathogenic processes and developing novel
treatments for these diseases.

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​Table # 1 Maurice Amiel 
The French Wine Merchant
Wine & Food Pairing

Monsieur Amiel is a veteran Wine Guru with four
decades in the wine trade. He owns and operates
The French Wine Merchant in Palm Beach, an
exclusive boutique wine shop and wine tasting
venue. Join Maurice to discuss the finer notes of
wine and how to pair your favorite meals with
the best vintages.

​Table # 2 Hannah Campbell
Loggerhead Marinelife Center Education Director
Marine Science & Conservation

Hannah oversees education programming at one
of Palm Beach County’s most visited cultural
destination including STEM, marine conservation,
research and discovery. Learn more about the
current strategies of engaging students and
communities with environmental education during
a time of changing climate and globalization.

Table # 16 Newly Elected WPB Mayor
Keith A. James

The Future of WPB
Join the newly elected mayor of West Palm
Beach, Keith A. James for a discussion about the future of our city.

Learn more about the new mayor during their

first few days in office, their vision for the future

of the city, where they stand on important issues,

and their top priorities as mayor.

Table # 8 Paul Hickey
Set Designer
My Life as a Soap Opera

West Palm Beach resident Paul Hickey has won
six Emmy Awards as Set Designer for the popular
CBS soap operas Guiding Light and As The World
Turns. Join Paul to hear about his work on the
set of these iconic daytime productions, some
behind-the-scenes stories of working in show
business, and when real-life life mirrored the
soap opera storylines.​

Table # ​​7 Scott Guzielek
PB Opera Artistic Operations Director
Insights into Producing Opera

Scott is responsible for all aspects of artistic
planning at one of the Palm Beaches’ premier
cultural institutions. Join Scott to learn more
about the intricacies of planning and producing
an opera season from scratch, and to gain
some behind-the-scenes insights into the life of
an opera company.


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Table # 5 Abby Ellin
Author & Journalist
Duped: The Science of Liars

Abby is an award-winning journalist and author
of Teenage Waistland and her newest book,
Duped: Double Lives, False Identities and the
Con Man I Almost Married. Join Abby for
fascinating real-life stories about compulsive
liars and how they can easily deceive you,
including her own remarkable story about her
fiancé’s secret life.

Table # 12 Rick Rose
Palm Beach Historian
A Brief History of Palm Beach

Rick is the official historian and tour guide of the
Worth Avenue Association, a second-generation
Floridian, and the author of PALM BEACH: The
Essential Guide to America’s Legendary Resort
Town. Hear captivating stories and facts from
this local aficionado about the history of this
island town that has lured American aristocracy
from the Flaglers to the Trumps.

Table # 15 William J. Soter
America’s Founding Documents

Bill is an author who has published ten
books about America’s founding documents,
emphasizing the nation’s war-making powers
and the vital religion clauses of the First
Amendment. Join Bill for a conversation on
America’s Founding Documents: the Declaration
of Independence, the United States Constitution,
and the Bill of Rights.


Table # 13 Susan Shapiro Barash
Tales of A Palm Beach Wife

Susan is an established writer of nonfiction books,
teaches in the Marymount Manhattan College
writing department, and writes fiction under her
pen name, Susannah Marren. Join Susan for a
preview of her new novel, A Palm Beach Wife, to
be released in April 2019, and learn more about
this riveting tale of spousal loyalty, female rivalry
and the complicated mother-daughter bond.

April 6, 2019

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Table # 10 Dave Lawrence
Cultural Council of PBC President & CEO
Arts & Culture Every Day

Dave serves as the new chief arts advocate for
the Palm Beaches cultural community coming to
us from Arts Council of Indianapolis. Join Dave
for an interesting discussion about how can we
keep the arts alive as part of our daily lives -
finding relevancy for beauty and expression in a
busy world.

Table # 11 Alison Levitt, MD
Elite Anti-Aging MD

Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Levitt is passionate about combining holistic
and anti-aging medicine with advanced cosmetic
medical skills to give her patients total health
and wellness, and a more natural and youthful
appearance. Hear her discuss the latest
regenerative medicine including platelet rich
plasma technology, stem cell therapies,
bioidentical hormone replacement and more.