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Table # ​​6 Glenn Glazer
WPTV & WFLX Meteorologist​

Busting Meteorological Myths

Glenn is an AMS-approved meteorologist widely recognized for providing the morning forecasts at WPTV NewsChannel 5 and WFLX Fox 29.  Join Glenn to learn about real weather phenomena vs tall tales as he sets out to bust some of the most popular meteorological myths including heat lightning, taping windows during hurricanes and more. 

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Table # 17 Leslie Gray Streeter 
Journalist & Author​

Laughing Through Pain

​Leslie is an award-winning lifestyle and entertainment columnist at The Palm Beach Post, and author of Black Widow: A Sad-Funny Journey Through Grief For People Who Normally Avoid Books With Words Like 'Journey' In The Title.  Join her for a discussion of her new book and how she has learned to laugh through the pain… because it’s more fun than crying.

Table # 8 Rick Gonzalez
Architect & Historian

WPB125: City History & Development

Rick Gonzalez is the President of WPB-based REG Architects and a historic preservation expert.  As the City of WPB celebrates its 125th anniversary, learn about its history and development from the pioneer years, to the golden era and the second rebirth, including what has and has not worked with design and preservation.

Table # 7 Bonnie Glover
Author & Attorney​

How Life Has Changed & Informed My Writing

Bonnie is an attorney and local business owner who authored The Middle Sister and Going Down South, nominated for a NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work Fiction.  Learn how a life-threatening illness and work with irritable clients has changed, informed, deepened and influenced her writing.​

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Table # 9 Michele Landers
Board Certified Life Purpose Coach
Living Miraculously

Michele is the author of The Year of Living Miraculously, and has helped thousands of clients nationwide to gain clarity and direction in their lives and to discover their own unique talents.  Learn how to take your life from ordinary to extraordinary with tips and techniques to assist you in understanding and changing your limiting beliefs. 

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Table # 5 James Gabler
Author & Wine Historian​

How To Be A Wine Expert 

During his distinguished career as a lawyer, James developed a passion for wine and the historical context of wine.  Join him for a fun and easy lesson about wine, based on his book How To Be a Wine Expert, A Beginner’s Guide, with an emphasis on the three keys to wine appreciation: color, bouquet and taste.

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​Table # 1 Preston L. Allen
Author & Professor​

Writers Block

Preston is the critically acclaimed and award-winning author of All or Nothing, Jesus Boy, and Every Boy Should Have a Man.  He is also a professor of English and creative writing at Miami Dade College, and will discuss why people think they have writer’s block when they really don’t…and how to keep writing.

Table # 14 Rob Russell
Colony Hotel Entertainment Dir.

Working with the Stars

As the former director of the acclaimed Royal Room Cabaret at The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach for 17 years, Rob secured some of the biggest TV, film and Broadway entertainers.  Hear some of his behind-the-scenes stories of working with stars like Regis Philbin, Diahann Carroll, Lainie Kazan, Michele Lee, Tommy Tune, Tony Danza and more.

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Table # 16 Les Standiford
Author & Historian​

Palm Beach – The Next Xanadu?

Les is a historian and award-winning author of 22 books and ten novels including the John Deal mystery series, and is the Founding Director of the Creative Writing program at FIU.  Join Les for a discussion about his latest book, Palm Beach, Mar-a-Lago & the Rise of America’s Xanadu, a history of our fabled landscape and stories of its famous protagonists.


Table # 4 Frances Fisher
Philanthropist & Advocate

Women as Leaders in Philanthropy

For the past 20 years, Frances has dedicated her life to the growth and betterment of the Palm Beach community.  Join her to learn more about how the transfer of wealth to women in the last decade is bringing women to the forefront of philanthropy, and how they have the ability to collectively shape the future.

Table # 18 Jill & Rich Switzer
Radio Hosts Legends 100.3 FM

The Music, the Magic, the Memories

​Jill & Rich, hosts of The Morning Lounge, have made music their lives for almost 25 years in live performance and in the recording studio.  Hear about The Great American Songbook--a canon of songs written in the first part of the 20th century in New York’s Tin Pan Alley – which has created the soundtrack of life’s special moments.

Table # 13 Alan Newman
Good Heart’s Message

Alan is the West Palm Beach-based author of the novel, Good Heart, a tale of interconnectedness that follows a Jewish family and Christian family over three generations.  Join Alan, who is focused on pro-Israel activism and philanthropy, to learn more about his purpose for and his process to writing his novel.  

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Table # 19 Joel Zoss
Composer & Musician​

American Popular Music

​​Joel Zozz is a musician, singer and songwriter recorded by artists like Bonnie Raitt, as well as an award-winning prose author.  Join Joel for a talk about the past, present and future of American Popular Music with observations from this recording industry veteran. 

Table # 10 Laura M. Bohn, PhD
Scripps Research Professor

Pain Management & The Opioid Epidemic

Laura is a Professor of Molecular Medicine and Neuroscience whose expertise is in investigating the intersection between pain, depression and drug abuse from a biochemical perspective. Learn more about her wide-reaching goal to develop more effective and safer medications for the treatment of pain, and the need for pain management in the shadow of the opioid epidemic.

Table # 11 Joan Lipton, PhD
Art Historian

Old vs Contemporary Masters

Joan is a celebrated art historian and lecturer who has led workshops in colleges, adult education centers, libraries and more.  Art lovers will enjoy learning more about their favorite masters from the Renaissance, Impressionism, Post Impressionism and Modernism, and how they compare to the new masters of the contemporary art scene. 

April 10, 2021

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Pending Confirmation for 2021

Table # 3 Frank Cerabino
News Columnist​

Finding Common Ground When Realities Diverge

Frank is the celebrated and irreverent columnist for The Palm Beach Post who provides funny, unpredictable and thought-provoking takes on current affairs.  Learn why it's not always easy to talk about world events or about the upcoming election in a post-factual universe of dual realities, and how he finds areas of mutual understanding in the bedlam.

Table # 15 Scott Simmons
Florida Weekly Editor​

Support Your Local Newspaper

Scott has enjoyed a remarkable 33-year career in journalism at The Palm Beach Post, The Coastal Star, Palm Beach ArtsPaper, and now Florida Weekly.  Hear why newspapers are the checks and balances on local government, and why without them, there is no detailed, comprehensive coverage. 

​Table # 2 Cheryl Brutvan
Norton Museum Dir. of Curatorial Affairs ​

Creativity As One Ages

Cheryl has brought innovative exhibitions to the Norton Museum for over a decade as the Glenn W. and Cornelia T. Bailey Curator of Contemporary Art.  Join Cheryl to discuss recent research that explores creativity as we age and artists in their late years, while sharing your own observations about creativity in later years.

Table # 12 Dr. Donna Marks
Psychoanalyst & Author

Why Addiction is Our Biggest Global Threat

A licensed mental health and addictions practitioner for 32 years, Donna is also a consultant to treatment centers, an educator, and author of Exit the Maze-One Addiction, One Cause, One Cure.  Learn how addiction is more of a threat to our planet than global warming, and why most illnesses and deaths are substance and food-abuse related. 

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