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Mission & Vision

Mission of the Library Foundation

The Foundation, free of any political influence, secures financial and in-kind donations to support and enhance programs, services, collections, and technology that the city’s reasonable operating budget cannot encompass. The West Palm Beach Library Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is independent from the City of West Palm Beach.

Our activities financially support the library and its free programs, services and resources that enrich and strengthen our diverse community.


Vision of the Library Foundation

To create an inspired community where children excel and adults thrive.

Why we’re needed

Standing behind the library for 20+ years

Begun as a tiny reading room in 1895, the Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach has grown and evolved into a bustling, digital-era center serving citizens of all ages and interests with books, performances, classes, research, entertainment, technology, music and more.

Public funds simply can’t cover it all. So, in 2000, our founders created the West Palm Beach Library Foundation to support the library’s continued success.


How you can help

People like you can also help us today with achieving this goal by getting involved with the events at the Library, giving new books to the Library, or by giving the Foundation charitable donations. Your help ensures that the Mandel Public Library will never cease becoming a better library for the community.

Get Involved

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