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Adult programs we fund

Adult Programs

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Job Help & Small Business Resources

The program focuses on helping those who are underemployed, unemployed, or veterans eager to find work.

Workshop Instructors and Career Counselors assist jobseekers with:

Preparing eye-catching, resumes, cover letters, completing job application and preparing for the interview process and follow-up.

The library has started a new small business program that has worked with 25 citizens to launch their businesses from start to finish.

Over 335 citizens have attended job training workshops at the library and over 350 searches to the library’s online job resources.

English Classes – ESOL

The mission is to help English language learners improve their English through classes, board game sessions and tutoring.

In 2022, the library has provided 183 tutoring or workshop sessions that have reached 599 students, including bringing library staff to the Esperanza Center on Mondays to provide the same services.

Grab and go Kits.JPG
Grab & Go Kits

Grab & Go kits are designed to have any library activity at home including knitting and gardening. Each kit contains all the materials and instructions needed for a fun at-home activity, plus there is nothing to return.

Health and Wellness.jpg
Health & Wellness

From Flex-It Fridays, Yoga for All Guided Meditation and Writing to Heal, these in-person classes focus on the health and wellbeing of attendees.

Discussing Books
Book Clubs

Whether you want to socialize with fellow clubbers and enjoy a book discussion or wanting to establish a regular reading habit, the Library’s Book Clubs are a great place to start.

Studio 411.jpg
Studio 411

Studio 411 is the central location for anyone interested in arts.

It offers hands-on art classes for anyone interested in painting, drawing, sculpture to Cricut creations and sewing.

Patrons can use the studio for personal projects, class projects, collaboration on new projects, and guidance provided by local artists.

Get Involved

How you can help

People like you can also help us today with achieving this goal by getting involved with the events at the Library, giving new books to the Library, or by giving the Foundation charitable donations. Your help ensures that the Mandel Public Library will never cease becoming a better library for the community.

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