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Memories and Personal Messages

Donna DiTullio

Sam’s life is an inspiration

Danny Miller

This is for the Sam Dratch memorial fund, in memory of Sam.

Sherry & David Kahn

We will never forget the bright light that Sam exuded always, everywhere. And that light and our love for Sam will always shine brightly. He was loving and will always be loved.

Ed and Charlene Cohen and Barshefsky

We miss our Sam!  Love, Charlene, Ed Mari and Devra.

Judith Hallett

Thinking of you.

Sharen Eidelberg-Spratt

In loving memory of Sam.

Patricia M Eanet 

In honor of the happy couple, Kelly Collins and Tom Houseman on their big day! Wishing you a long, happy life together!

Rebecca Angel 

In loving memory of Sam.

Donna DiTullio 

In memory of Sam Dratch. You are missed and loved.


Judy & Brian Madden 

In loving memory of Sam Dratch and the light he brought to his family and his community.


Patricia M Eanet 

Sam's smile will always light my world.

Brenda Teplin Seidel 

In honor and memory of Sam. A bright light that shines in all our hearts.

Rebecca Angel 

In loving memory of Sam Dratch.


Peter Rutkoff 

In loving memory of Sam Dratch.

Joanna Klonsky 

With love.


Patricia M Eanet 

In honor of Joseph Eanet, Sam's grandfather, on his 99th birthday.


Patricia M Eanet 

Missing Sam always.

Joe and Erin Griffith 

In honor of Sam's passion for service - something we all try to emulate, but can never live up to.


In memory of Sam Dratch.


Patricia M Eanet 

Loving and missing Sam, always.

Joseph Eanet 

This donation is made in loving memory of my grandson, Sam Dratch.

Susan Klonsky 

In memory of Sam Dratch.

Laura Rodgers

Sam’s smile and compassionate heart shone brightly. He walked with my Father so tenderly at my niece’s wedding. I think of Sam very often as an example of love.

Sherry Bindeman & David Kahn

In loving memory of Sam Dratch, whose dedication to justice, sparkling smile, appreciation of this library, and most of all, love of his family, will always be an inspiration.

Donna DiTullio and Joe Giloley

In memory of Sam Dratch.



In loving memory of Samuel Dratch.


Patricia M Eanet 

This donation to the Sam Dratch fund is made to honor Amanda Klonsky on her birthday.


Patricia M Eanet 

This donation to the Samuel Drach Fund is made in memory of Kate Fieldsteel.


Karen and Dave Eanet 

In honor of Patricia Eanet’s birthday.


Kathy and Richard Dunberg 

Thinking of Sam today, and always.


Margy OHerron 

In honor of Sam, a bright light who left us too soon.

Julie Miller Vick

I make a donation in memory of Sam Dratch whom I never got to meet in person but who, I have learned, was a wonderful, kind, and loving young man.

Scott Livingston

Aunt Claire and Uncle Scott miss Sam. So do Jacob and Noah. His smile, his laugh, are fine memories.


Brenda Seidel

In loving memory.


Anita Havas

His radiant smile and generous heart forever in my memory.


Rebecca Angel

Dear Joe, Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy Birthday! Enjoy a wonderful celebration! Much Love, The Angel Family.

Patricia M Eanet

In honor of my father, Joseph Eanet, on his 98th birthday.

The Buzz Agency of Palm Beach

We wish we knew Sam. He sure seems like a strong leader with a good soul and a heart of gold. May he rest in eternal peace, and we will honor him for eternity. ❤️🙏🏻


Anne and Fred Klonsky

In memory of Sam Dratch.

Jonathan Saul Levine

Anyone that met Sam was a better person because of the experience.

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