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The Digital Studio at Mandel Public Library is now the Technology & Innovation Center

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (April 6, 2022) – The digital creators’ space at the Mandel Public Library will soon be communicating its cutting-edge mission with a new name: the Technology & Innovation Center. Now called The Digital Studio, the facility will be renamed in honor of a significant donation to the West Palm Beach Library Foundation from tech entrepreneur and venture capital investor, Nabil Meralli.

“Mr. Meralli’s gift is an exciting show of support for the Technology & Innovation Center and our patrons who come to the center to build technology communication skills that are so important today,” said Dean W. Dimke, Executive Director of the West Palm Beach Library Foundation. “In addition, this fresh new name is a reminder that technology and innovation are at the core of the center’s mission.”

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The Center is located on the second floor of the Mandel Public Library, at 411 Clematis Street in West Palm Beach. It empowers creativity and collaboration, providing media production spaces in several leading technologies: virtual reality; media digitization; drawing and animation; music and podcasting; and 3D design & printing. Patrons can drop by during Open Access hours or book a session to use the studio for projects like creating 3D sculptures in virtual reality, animating digital works, recording podcast episodes, and more.

The donation to support learning high-tech skills at the library center reflects Meralli’s extensive background in the technology and financial sectors. The Canadian, who now resides in West Palm Beach, was a former Goldman Sachs executive who founded three technology startups, including the digital customer loyalty platform FunPuntos, which was acquired by Acid Labs in 2013. Meralli has also been involved in several international development initiatives and serves as a Pro Bono Advisor for the United Nations as well as Senior Advisor to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

“I am honored to support the Library’s Technology & Innovation Center,” said Meralli. “The Foundation is making great strides in both bridging the digital divide to make technology accessible to everyone and empowering the community through entrepreneurship.”

About the West Palm Beach Library Foundation

The West Palm Beach Library Foundation raises funds for the Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach to provide free quality programs, services, and resources that enrich and strengthen its diverse community. The Foundation hopes to create an inspired community where children excel, and adults thrive. Gifts to the Foundation support popular library programs including afterschool homework centers, summer learning programs, reading programs, teen college prep, job readiness, and adult programs in art, technology, education, culture, and entertainment.

About Nabil Meralli

Nabil Meralli is a venture capital investor and a three-time technology entrepreneur with a successful exit. Nabil is Partner of Brazilian venture capital firm, Duxx Investimentos, and Venture Partner of Latin American venture capital firm, Magma Partners. He also serves as Senior Advisor to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.


Nabil was Partner of London-based venture capital firm, InsurTech Venture Partners. Previously, he was Chief Investment Officer of Silicon Valley financial technology incubator, FinTech Portfolio. Prior to this role, he was Managing Director and Head of Latin America of financials private equity and advisory firm, Valkyrie Capital Partners. Before his role at Valkyrie, he was an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs & Co in London, where he founded and developed the institutional insurance business for Europe within the asset management division. Nabil preceded this role as the COO for institutional and third-party asset management distribution within Europe, the Middle East and Africa and interim COO for institutional and third-party asset management distribution in Asia exJapan. Prior to his career at Goldman Sachs, Nabil was Vice President of US Financials Equities at private equity firm JC Flowers & Co portfolio company, Fox-Pitt, Kelton, the financials specialist investment bank (acquired by Macquarie Capital). He preceded this role as Regional Director for The Hartford Group, where he led the business development initiatives in the new market of Canada for the investment management arm of the US insurer. Nabil started his career at Franklin Templeton Investments.

In conjunction with his professional experience, Nabil is an avid entrepreneur. He founded three technology startups including digital customer loyalty platform, FunPuntos, which was acquired by Acid Labs in 2013. He has been involved in several technology and innovation initiatives globally and has served as Strategic Advisor to Latin American FinTech ecosystem, Finnovista, and Advisor to global startup incubator, Startupbootcamp. He has a keen interest in international development and has been a Pro Bono Advisor for the United Nations since 2010, serving in Indonesia, Colombia, The Philippines, Peru and Ecuador, and is Chair and co-founder of non-profit organization, Borderless World Volunteers. He enjoys rowing and polo and is a Member of the Miami Beach Rowing Club and a Member of the El Metejon Polo Club in Argentina.


Nabil has a great interest in maritime history and exploration and is a collector of rare books and naval artifacts. He attended the London Rare Books School in the subject of cartography and is a graduate of the University of Portsmouth nautical school with a degree in Marine Pilotage. He has been a longstanding member of the Vancouver Maritime Museum Society, is on the Grosvenor Council of the National Geographic Society and is an Associate Member of the Company of Master Mariners of Canada. Among his personal collection is a 1571 Spanish Hemisferium Mariner's Astrolabe, which has been gifted to the Maritime Museum of Ushuaia in Argentina, and a rare first English edition of Antonio Pigafetta’s First Voyage Round the World by Magellan, which has been gifted to the Bodleian library of the University of Oxford. He assisted with the replica construction of Charles Darwin's HMS Beagle at the Nao Victoria Museum in Chile and furthermore assisted the government of Panama by purchasing and repatriating a collection of rare 13th century relics. Nabil has completed several historical journeys including an expedition to Antarctica that followed in the footsteps of Sir Ernest Shackleton and an expedition through the Northwest Passage in the Arctic that retraced the path of Roald Amundsen.


Nabil is a graduate of the University of Oxford and Columbia Business School at Columbia University. He is Canadian, was born in Vancouver, Canada and graduated from St. George’s School. He is based in West Palm Beach, Florida and spends time between Buenos Aires, Argentina and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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